Carnival Speaks

  • liv stones
  • Josh Wiley
  • Tarik Fontenelle

Client: Boiler Room Service: Ethnographic research & network partnerships Date: July - August 2017


Boiler Room needed to gain a deeper understanding of Notting Hill Carnival in the wake of a new grant given to the broadcasting platform by the Arts Council. The digital broadcaster recognised they needed to partner with London’s Carnival community, challenging ON ROAD to work with key partners, establish a network in the city and create content for an online campaign.


Placing ourselves in the frontline, ON ROAD collaborated with key individuals and organisations within the community to tell the Carnival story. Capturing genuine testimonials from 100+ Carnival goers, we unearthed powerful insights into close knit communities across the city. These insights felt particularly significant in the wake of the Grenfell tower disaster that took place just days before our research began.


Using our testimonial interviews, Boiler Room created a social media campaign that resounded with both old and young Carnival goers alike. Featuring mas band players, costume designers, sound system owners and other respected individuals from the community, the resultant films were powerful and moving, giving viewers an insight into the people who make Europe's largest party happen.