Celebrating Marcus Rashford MBE

  • Imogen Ward

Another one that I've been wanted to make for months! I was putting this GIF off since I haven't done a portrait in years (?) and I wanted to do it justice. Anyhow, can you possibly find a nicer guy than Marcus Rashford? I've been wanting to make this GIF since his amazing campaigning against child poverty, and his open letter concerning free school meals. It was so amazing to read about his activism and I wanted to find a way to show just some of his incredible accomplishments and the amazing organisations he's worked with. He set up the 'in the box' campaign with selfridges, in 2019, to give essential items to unhoused people over the Christmas period. During the pandemic he worked with FareShare, a poverty and food waste charity, to deliver meals to those no longer receiving their free school meals. He was awarded an MBE, and is the youngest person to ever recieve an honorary doctorate from the University of Manchester. He launched a book club to help vulnerable and underprivileged children experience "the escapism of reading", wrote his own children's motivational book. And last but not least, is of course an incredibly talented footballer. This list doesn't even begin to cover everything he's done-Honestly just reading about his generosity, activism and his multiple genuine acts of caring-I challenge you to find a better example of someone giving back to the community, and a better role model for the next generation. The racist and ignorant abuse targeted towards Marcus Rashford is disgusting, misguided, and misplaced-and it makes me so angry that someone like Rashford even has to defend himself against that behaviour.