CELLULOID CEILING - Underemployment of Women in Hollywood

  • Milena Cywińska

The piece shows 271 characters representing the real number of women and men on the behind-the scenes positions based on data from top 100 movies of 2019. The visualisation also allows to distinguish between different job families through specific attributes that characterize each position. The whole piece is gamified by asking the user to find all the women in the crowd - through that the user themselves experiences how difficult it is, as the number of men highly prevails. The visualisation is aimed to be placed on the front side of an educational leaflet, of which the back elaborates on the topic of underemployment of women in the industry.

Final Inspirations

My final main inspirations were Mona Chalabi’s work called ‘100 New Yorkers’ – a piece in which she presented ‘100 characters, who represent the New York City in a way that reflects its population as recorded by census data’ and a popular game called ‘Where’s Wally’ which is about finding one specific character - Wally in a crowd of alike-looking people.