Chalkpit Cassette Club - Launched September - 2021

  • silas gregory
  • Charlotte Humphries
  • Hugo Bilton
  • Billy from the Teleport

Chalkpit Cassette Club (CCC) is an exclusive and limited run physical cassette tape imprint brought to you by Chalkpit Records. Promoting and releasing some of the most promising talents from the UK and beyond. What can be better than holding something you love? We at Chalkpit love music, and strive to celebrate, support and champion its creators. This is where the ‘Chalkpit Cassette Club’ comes in – it is our invitation to fall back in love with music. The limited edition, hand-numbered cassettes aim to showcase some of the most exciting up-and-coming artists around and to indulgence in the physical ownership of their music. Our debut release is out on Friday 10th September with The Howl & The Hum available on an exclusive 150 copes only. Shout out to the people I have worked with on getting this project off the ground. Illustration by Hugo Bilton - Logo Designed by Charlotte Humphries - CCC-01-The Howl & The Hum Cassette Design by Charlotte Humphries - - Motion Graphic - Billy Glow - Project Manager / Website Designed by - Silas Gregory -