Change the Record - Solidarity Sounds UK (digital fundraiser event)

  • Dani Wall

This event was created by Solidarity Sounds UK, a fundraising initiative, to raise funds for two London based charities during Black History Month - The Black Curriculum and Safer London. Through property investor Fabrix, we gained access to the no longer operational Blackfriars Crown Court, to film some original and pre-recorded content for the event. The setting of the old court served as a backdrop for our performers and artists to create original pieces based on the space and our justice system in relation to race. Over the course of 2 days we filmed over 10 pieces of original content in the courts ranging from interviews, to spoken word, and even a music video for local artist Rhumzy. The crew was sourced through social media and personal contacts, and the entire event from Production through to Marketing was all done by the charity in-house with limited resources. The final content lead to a live-streamed digital event on the 24th November. The schedule contained a mixture of live hosting and talks, streaming of pre-recorded content as well as a various workshops, talks hosted by speakers and also audience participation. Throughout the audience was encouraged to donate to our causes and all ticket proceeds went towards this as well.