Charli XCX's Best Song Ever

  • Sam Parker

Best (Branding) Song Ever - a series of mixes curated by the world famous pop phenomenon Charli XCX as a co-commission alongside the BBC Sounds podcast of the same name - meets the craft of the WIZZFX creatives. Lo-Fi Pop vibes to match Charli’s music but make it original. The brief? An iconic opener throwing to Charli’s persona and style and a package of sweepers styled with implicit undertones to match the different eras of music included in her curations. Throw in a WIZZFX original composition and bespoke vocal processing, and boom… Some Retail Therapy? Strike a Power Pose? I mean it’s a yes to both from us. Just a couple of themes from the series of which our imaging complements… and the BBC agree: "Just had a quick listen and it sounds great. The intro is really good so thank you for your great work!" - Nichola Ntim, Producer BBC Sounds Music Mixes