Charlotte Lawrence Euphoria Magazine digital cover

  • Ashley Morris

One of the many common misconceptions amongst the Baby Boomers is that Millennials, especially the latest Generation Y and Z, are the most disconnected to date. An irony that’s been formed within the advanced smartphone era within its many social apps. However, Charlotte Lawrence is something of an exception. She’s keen to break free from the clamour and get back to basics, but there’s also something new and original about Lawrence, a brilliance to her minimalism, a structural relief that’s like stepping outside into a fresh garden in the morning. Words: Ashley Morris Photography: Derrick Freske Styling: Siena Montesano for The Wall Group Hair: Nathaniel Dezan for Opus Beauty using Ouai Makeup: Maria Vargas for Opus Beauty using Danessa Myricks Videography: Anissa Amalia