Children book - My Teddy Bear

  • Aneliya Kaleva
My teddy bear is a book for children between 7 and 10 years old. This story is about one little girl, who loses her toy “teddy bear” for one day, few hours before the Christmas Eve. This toy was a gift, and despite her parents’ requests not to open the box before Christmas, she decided to see what it is in there. From this time the story focusses on the little teddy bear who accidentally fell down from the balcony. He was not able to talk or to move. Luckily the toy was found by a rat called Sparky. He dragged the teddy bear into the gutter and there he introduced him to several other fellows. Thanks to them the teddy bear was involved in many adventures and had many interesting experiences. Eventually, they helped him return home where he joined his best friend – the little girl Anny.