Childrenswear Project "Growing up!"- Graduate Fashion Foundation Shortlist

  • Sarah Leatherland

“Growing up!” Spring/summer 21 is a childrenswear collection for children age 6-8 and is inspired by a quote from the English novelist, Ivy Kompton Burnett; “People have no chance to grow up, a life-time is not long enough.” This genderless childrenswear collection aims to display the irony of children wanting to dress up as adults whilst longing to “grow up” too quickly. Throughout my own childhood, I would always ask to wear my mum’s shoes or dresses and to play grown-ups. I would dance around the living room imagining life as an adult. This concept is tongue-in-cheek and displays the awareness of children growing up too quickly; we all wish we could go back to endlessly playing outside with nothing to worry about. The collection will be textural, fun and oversized, while still being appropriate for children. As well as being inspired by “Dad’s Jeans” and “Mum’s dresses”, Japanese streetwear also motivated this collection, inspiring colour choice and silhouette. While still colourful and bright, the tones of this collection are pastel and offer a soft spring/summer aesthetic. The collection is ready-to-wear, with most inspiration coming from streetwear and brands such as Stella McCartney Kids and Marni Kids, but still provides opportunities for high-street commercialisation, where garments could be less oversized/dramatic.

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