China Dream

  • Teresa Eng

Please check out my Kickstarter to make "China Dream" into a book “China Dream” explores the fractured identity of second generation diaspora as they’re straddled between their motherland and birth country. From 2013 to 2017, Teresa visited China to explore her ancestral roots. Her parents were part of the mass exodus of Mainland Chinese who fled to Hong Kong during the Communist revolution in the 1950s. Teresa’s imagined view of China, derived from cultural memory, contrasts with a country in flux. The stripped back colours of China Dream, evoke constant cycles of construction, destruction and reconstruction. ‘China Dream’ – the title of a patriotic calendar found at a newsagents – was also a term popularised in 2013 by General Secretary Xi Jinping. It also alludes to the American Dream, where hard work and entrepreneurial spirit will lift up each individual and the nation into prosperity.