Choosing The Right Imagery For Your Marketing Designs

Using strategically selected images has been proven to grow views and boost conversion rates. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that viewers are 80% more likely to consume your content if it contains engaging visuals. In addition, social media users are more likely to share images and videos than text alone, and each of these elements can quickly convey a message or mood for your brand. But selecting an image with purpose is an often-overlooked aspect of marketing design. Here’s how to go about choosing the best image for your ad design.
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You don’t have to be a photographer or photo-editing expert to recognize when an image is of poor quality. In fact, it’s typically easier to recognize a poor-quality image rather than a high-quality image. People are more likely to leave a website or scroll past content if the images appear pixelated, blurry, or otherwise unprofessional. Never compromise on the quality of your images. They should always be crisp and the right resolution.

Have a purpose

Too often people insert images on a website simply to fill space. Don’t use randomly chosen images to fill up space. Viewers will notice this and then feel uncertain and doubtful of your brand. It’s also a good idea to use photos of your product or business whenever possible.
If you’re selling services that are more intangible and harder to visualize, it’s okay to use symbolic photos if the symbolism is strong and widely recognized. Use high-quality and relevant photos that have a reason for being there – such as providing context or drawing attention. Images with a specific context enhance your marketing content.

Capture an emotion

One of the main purposes of imagery is to convey an emotion. Your goal is to connect with people through compelling ad design. Choosing a memorable image that will evoke an emotional response in your audience is the best way to make a connection. Think about what you want your viewers to feel. Do you want them to feel inspired? Happy? Empathetic? Choose an image based on this and use it as a hook to your copy and what you have to offer.

Use pictures with people

Research shows that photos that include people boost conversion rates by 95% or more. This is partially related to capturing emotion. Images of people help viewers connect with your brand.
When it comes to marketing design, it’s all about choosing the right photo. Every image you choose directly and significantly impacts your advertising performance, so make your choice with careful and creative consideration. Bring your visual marketing strategy to life with Shutterstock Editor.

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