Chorley Bunce

  • Anna Wanczyk

Chorley Bunce is a catering business for the film and TV industry, catering for productions such as Game of Thrones. The company wanted its brand to be unlike anything else in the space – something distinctive, original, and fun. The end result needed to be a mobile-first website which displayed the brand’s personality, as well as communicating the quality of the service and food. This project had to reflect the manic mixed-up musings of the businesses co-founders, Chorley and Bunce, and the power of moving pictures to transport us to imaginary worlds. I mined their thought processes for ideas and got hands-on with collage to create a brand that was an organic extension of their thinking. I’m particularly proud of this work – it’s one of those sought-after hero projects that allows complete, uninhibited creativity and reminds you of all the reasons you wanted to become a designer.