Chosen Family - a gal-dem documentary series with Levi's & Queer Britain

In June this year, gal-dem released 4 short films in partnership with Levi's for Queer Britain, the UK's first LGBTQI+ museum. The four films follow young QTIPOC artists as they connect their practice and work with people and places from Britain's queer history.

Levi's approached us knowing that every year, pride month comes and goes with only rainbow logos and parade floats as the full extent of brands committment to queer audiences. They wanted to make a change this year, and use marketing budgets to continue their legacy of longstanding support for grassroots LGBTQI organisations and activism, offering a true committment to Pride in 2019 and beyond.
By funding the production of four documentaries for Queer Britain, their marketing budgets went into ensuring key people and places from QTIPOC communities have been archived and firmly inserted into the national record of LGBTQI+ art and work in the UK.
The four films followed artists Joy Miessi, Aisha Mirza, Travis Alabanza, and Chloe Filani, as they travelled the UK to understand how trans black identities have been erased from history, the importance of grassroots community organising such as the Black Lesbian Group and Camden Lesbian Centre, the rich history of South Asian queer nightlife, and queer artists exploring black femininity through words and movement.
The work was released on gal-dem's social channels and website, and has been donated to Queer Britain to live in the archives and on their site and all future exhibitions, ensuring these voices and investigations are remembered for generations to come.

Huge thanks to the incredible team that brought this together:
Director, DOP: Shivani Hassard
Producer, Researcher: Joanna Boateng
Editor: Amy Dang
Project Co-ordinator: Liv Little
Sound Recordist: Geoff Wong

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