Christmas in 2049

  • Amelia Goldie
  • Matt Thomas Wallace
  • Laura Betty Haynes
  • Barnaby Meek
  • Arturas Saduikis
  • Kate Connell

Project for Event Concept Role: Creative Lead Client: Unilever Venue: Tate Modern Tanks Christmas in 2049 was a significant Christmas party for Unilever, who wished to create networks across typically separated departments by bringing together all their 100VE staff for the first time. A Christmas theme exploring the lucid world of Blade Runner created a memorable affair. The design aimed to capture the essence of Blade Runner drawing on motifs from the original 1982 film while signifying Blade Runner 2049, crafting an evening where fans and non-Sci-fi addicts would thrive. A heightened experience of integrating video projection, lighting, and set brought to life a dystopian world. The plan focused on contrasting spaces: a futuristic party hub (South Tank) and a food market underworld (East Tank). The hub revealed to guests; a large central bar with a ‘levitating’ cube, scaffold platform lounge areas and a scaffold stage incorporating LED industrial fans (a subtle link to the iconic ‘tears in the rain’ scene). Guests entered the underworld where bespoke food stations, neon signs, and animated projection onto the concrete walls incorporating flying cars, holograms, and blimps evoked a look symbiotic to the subversive downtown scenes in Blade Runner. An apocalyptic style was manufactured from the outset through invitation design to a more human than human performance with TTM. The CEO’s speech in true dystopian style flashed onto the levitating cube in the South Tank and piped into flying blimps projected onto walls throughout the Tanks. All Images © Event Concept