Cinco de Mayo

  • Luisa Moura
  • Gabriel Francis
  • Louie Hullett
  • Olivia Casamatta

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo with a mix of international live music, DJs, female Mariachis, traditional dance, tropical pop-up shopping from Wasted Chic Fashion Sales, food and decor with a Mexican twist! Borchi y Su Doble Redoble come direct from Mexico fusing hip hop breaks with brass band fire, Malphino launch their highly anticipated debut LP with a mystical blend of tropical rhythms and all female group Mariachi Las Adelitas UK bring their unique mariachi flavour to Pop Brixton. With traditional dance from Mestizo Mexican Folklore Group London and Atlachinolli Dance Group Mexico-London, whilst DJs Coco Maria, Borchi, and DJ Cal Jader bring the vibes from the decks before and after, keeping you moving throughout the day and night! Borchi y Su Doble Redoble | Malphino | Mariachi Las Adelitas | Mestizo Folklore Group | Atlachinolli Aztec | Coco Maria | Borchi DJ set (Mexico) | Cal Jader (Movimientos) + Mezcal Bar, Maria Sabina Tacos!


Cinco de Mayo is an annual celebration observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla. Outside of Mexico the date is now associated with the celebration of Mexican culture. Join us as we celebrate the music, dance, culture, cuisine and history of the Mexican nation.

Cinco de Mayo at Pop Brixton 2018