Cinematography: From the idea to the final shot.

  • Michele Diniz

Check the whole process: Terminal Happiness is a sci-fi short film made by a diverse crew from all over the world under the Kino Eyes master's program. The story written by Chinh Van Tran and directed by Eric Romero, follows the journey of Miranda - a cancer patient in a happy therapy treatment. Regarding the cinematography, we went for a bold visual concept that portrays a dystopic system where positivity is mandatory. As planned during the first meetings with the team, the beginning of the film is constructed in a well-lit and soft colored atmosphere, which gradually shift to a darker, more saturated, cooler tone to reflect the changes in the narrative and our characters. Our final shot is special, it represents many symbols that were present during the film. The lighting of this moment is inspired by the shot from Euphoria, where waves of colored lights are mixed with character's state of mind. In Terminal Happiness, the big aquarium at location helped to create this emotional environment, hence the idea of waves of light was adapted to our color pallet.