City Bike Scheme - The Bumble Bike

  • Georgia Blumenthal
  • Radwa Radwan
  • Zichen Y

Brief: To reimagine the identity of a local bike hire scheme in a city of your choosing. This can be one that already exists. or a completely new scheme.

My response: The concept is to create a bike scheme integrated with Manchester Metrolink to discourage the use of cars and encourage the use of more efficient modes of transport when traveling into city centre for work.

My design concept was inspired by the worker bee, a symbol Manchester used during the industrial revolution and later became part of the Manchester coat of arms.

The solution: The user will pick up their Bumble Bike when they arrive at the station on their way home from work and cycle home, they will store their bike at home over night and cycle back the following morning.

When the bike is docked at The Bumble Bike docking station, they will receive their free Metrolink tickets for the day via The Bumble Bike app.