Clickbait C6llective: Exhibition

  • Lauren Deane Hunter
  • Precious Opara
  • Jariel Ann
  • Teresa Fogolari
  • Stephanie Cheong
  • Annyee Ku

An exhibition featuring the works of multi-disciplinary creative practitioners exploring the human experience through: Constructed Identities, Physical vs. Digital, and Intangible Realms. Clickbait C6llective is an international community of women and non-binary people who found each other in their university course, Creative Direction for Fashion, which they have all recently completed. Drawing inspiration from the current digitally-minded cultural climate, Clickbait C6llective showcases a series of digital artworks that explore contrast in dimensions. From movement through spacetime, relative identity, and the amalgamation of the virtual & physical realms, each artist looks to reinterpret the way we interact with the world. Featuring work by: Annyee Ku: @annyeemoji Jariel Ann: @jarielann Lauren Deane Hunter: @misslaurendeane Precious Opara: @mephobicmind Stephanie Cheong: @lovelybubblystephy Teresa Fogolari: @teresafogolari