CLOSED BRIEF: Galaxy 'Choose Pleasure' Film, budget: £9000

    Pitch a true story for Galaxy chocolate of a woman who chooses to seek out pleasure in unexpected ways...

    Studio Plus Brief:
    Pitch for up to 6 films
    Budget: £9000 per film
    Deadline: Monday 4th September 2017


    We’re creating a new campaign for Galaxy chocolate through which we want to discover real stories of inspiring women who commit to pleasure in their busy lives.We live in a world where women have more opportunites than ever before, yet they still shoulder the obligations to family, home, friends, careers.This campaign would like to reinforce the idea that by choosing things that bring them pleasure, women are investing in themselves. Women should feel empowered, confident and unapologetic about choosing pleasure in everyday life in whatever shape that pleasure takes.We’d like to hear your stories of real women in real situations on how we present this in an authentic, fresh and unexpected manner.
    What we’re after:
    To be commissioned we invite you to pitch your story or stories of real women who seek out a pleasurable and unexpected pursuit despite their busy lives.These pleasurable pursuits could be exciting or calming, sporty or cultural, homely or adventurous, and can be grand and amibitious or small and subtle, but whatever form they take, they should engage the viewer depicting a strong character and narrative.It could be a mature lady who enjoys gardening by day and goes raving at night, or a woman hairdresser working in a trendy hair salon by day, but who finds time to give free haircuts to homeless people by night, or an empowered woman in a male-dominated country, who goes against every social norm and expectation and teaches kickboxing to other women. It could be an active choice to find freedom in a constrained society or situation, or a simple sensorial experience beautifully brought to life.And we want to see women from around the world, of all ethnicities, diversities and backgrounds, so we would encourage you to find cultural differences and barrier-breaking stories.
    We are first looking for one page pitches of your idea(s), a photo and description of your protagonist, a link to your previous work and any tonal references. We will then select our favourites to develop their ideas in the form of a paid treatment then commission the selected storylines to shoot their films.You can pitch more than one idea, but please keep all ideas contained in one document.Your pitch should consider the budget available as a fixed cost as you will be expected to deliver on your proposal. The fixed cost budget will need to cover all production elements including usage, production and post-production.
    Creative Direction:
    The stories could be documentary-style or self shot, but should always follow our female protagonist(s) as they go from the everyday to something exciting, unexpected or quirky.Your story could be voice over-lead or guided by a music track – we’d like to hear your interpretation of the brief.We would like these short film scenarios to be real and authentic first-hand depictions of alternative endeavours which feel empowering for young women.Our aim is to represent contemporary femininity. Our key creative expectations are that the women portrayed here should come across elegant & strong, be inspiring and approachable, and appear as captivating and empowering role models to others.The film will need to display two scenarios; the ‘the everyday’ scenario e.g working mother, office worker and the ‘extraordinary’ eg kickboxer, charity worker. The ‘extraordinary’ scenario must however focus on pleasure and be a choice by the woman to do something she enjoys.
    • The main subject of your film should be a woman or group of women.
    • Anyone featured in your film must be over the age of 18.
    • You will need to provide a signed release form for each person that features (this form is available to download in the sidebar).
    • We would like to show a diversity of ages, genders and faiths within these ideas.
    • You should use ambient/ natural sound.
    • You should include a voice-over from your subject in the form of an interview/soundbites.
    • If you decide to use music as part of your idea you should use audio network from the following link or pay for the licence for your track with the production budget above. Usage for the music track should be global in perpetuity:
    Intended use:
    The finished film will be shown online and should have clearances for global usage (see release forms attached). Clips and cut-downs will be shared on social media.
    Examples of women choosing pleasure:

    The deadline for submitting your pitch is 23:59pm PST 4th September 2017. Selected pitches will then go into a phase of treatments and finally award production.

    For more information, including full brief, visit:

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