CLOSED BRIEF: Make a film for Dolmio of a dinnertime 'drama', Budget: £12,000

    Pitch to make a film for Dolmio helping parents overcome family dinnertime ‘dramas’.

    Deadline: Monday 20th November

    Production budget: £12,000 per film

    It’s tough being a parent, especially at family dinnertime. On the rare occasions you manage to get the whole family together for dinner, you want it to go perfectly. You don’t want any ‘dramas’. By which we mean: no kids fighting, no-one spitting out their food, no-one coming late to the table or leaving early, no-one sullenly checking their phones instead of chatting.
    You want a happy, convivial family meal where everyone has a good time, you bond and make nice memories that could last a lifetime.
    The key to this is serving the right meal. There aren’t many meals that are guaranteed to please the whole family – but Dolmio Spaghetti Bolognese is one. It’s something kids and adults both love, it’s satisfying, it gets families diving in to a communal bowl, and it’s messy and fun.
    What we’re after:
    To be commissioned we invite you to pitch your story or stories of family dinnertime ‘dramas’ being averted or overcome by Dolmio.
    Whether it’s someone refusing to put down their mobile phone at the table, a fussy eater who views most foods like they’re poisoned, dad holed up in the man-cave and ‘too busy’ to come to the table, teenagers grumpily refusing to leave their bedroom, kids complaining they want to leave and see friends, or just sullen silence…or any other drama that threatens to ruin family dinnertime.
    And we need to show how Dolmio can solve this problem by being something the whole family loves and will happily come together for.
    For reference of dinnertime drama traits that you may choose to focus on, please see below:
    • Refuse to come to the dinner table/come out of rooms
    • Refusing to eat
    • Refuse to stay at the table
    • People getting up mid-meal
    • Complain they don’t like the food (or score it out of ten)
    • Turn their noses up at anything nutritious
    • Fight and gripe with each other
    • Stare at their phones rather than conversing as a family.
    • Work proving distracting during dinnertime
    • Mum/Dad working late
    • Kids busy after school
    • Family members all want to eat different things
    • Meals take ages to prepare
    In the first instance the brand would like to commission one film, with a view to commissioning further films from the ideas pitched in the new year.
    You can pitch multiple ideas either as standalone films; equally you could create a series with a 'family' where each family member takes the lead in a 'drama' incident in each film.
    Films should be shot in the UK.

    The deadline for submitting your pitch is 23.59 on Monday 20th November 2017.

    For more information, including full brief and submission form, click here.

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