CLOSED BRIEF: Nicorette 'Do Something Amazing', Win £5000 story finding fee

Find a story of an ex-smoker for Nicorette’s ‘Do Something Amazing’ campaign...


Studio Plus Brief:
Story finding pitch
£5000 story finding fee + 2 x £500 for additional story options
Deadline: Monday 18th September 2017

We’re looking for an inspiring and emotive story for Nicorette’s ‘Do Something Amazing’ campaign. This is part of Nicorette’s award-winning campaign that won a Cannes Lion last year. 
The selected story will reveal a reason for quitting smoking (why did someone make this decision, and who did they make it for?) as well as show how the ex-smoker overcame any struggles, and eventually went on to achieve something truly incredible.


Stopping smoking isn’t easy and many quitters go through emotional and physical turmoil in their quitting journey. Often someone chooses to quit because of poignant events in their lives; the risk of cancer, causing distress to their loved ones, or harming the health of their children for example. They often feel alone and isolated in their journey to quit, and this can lead them to start smoking again.
Nicorette is a brand that would like to be a supportive partner to quitters, and to help them by showing the achievement and light at the end of the tunnel when you quit.
The ‘Do Something Amazing’ campaign does this by showcasing real-life testimonials from quitters, following their narrative arc of what led them to choose to quit, their experience of quitting, and more importantly, what quitting has enabled them to achieve.

What we’re after:

We’d like to find compelling and inspiring ‘quitting and achieving’ stories from ex-smokers. An ex-smoker who, through quitting, has managed to go on to achieve something truly remarkable, which smoking would have hindered them from doing.

We want the stories that will cut through the clutter and get noticed because they feel relatable, but still incredibly inspiring. 
For this brief we only want to see a pitch with (one or more of) your proposed interviewee(s) and their quitting and achievement story. This will be captured as a profile of the quitter, and details on what makes their story incredible. Your story will then be used as part of a follow up production brief but at this point we are solely looking for the story and character to be pitched. 
Although the main story will likely focus on one key protangonist and their achievement, we’re keen to showcase their wider context (who supported them? Beyond their own motivation, who were they quitting for? Who else helped in their achievement? Could we tell their story from multiple angles?).

See the below Nicorette 'One Breath' film for inspiration:

Final Deliverables:

Profiles and stories of inspiring quitters. They can include a short portrait intro to your character, shot simply -even on a phone- to be able to gauge the contributor’s ease in-front of the camera, eloquence and charisma.

All pitches must be uploaded by 18th September 23:59 Pacific Time

For more information, including full brief and application form, click here.

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