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CLOSED BRIEF: Pitch a film for £5000 #BloodNormal bursary with Libresse

Make a short film inspired by our Blood Normal film that breaks the taboos around periods…

Pitch to produce 1 of 3 films
3 x £5000 production bursaries
**Extended Deadline**: December 11th 2017

Of the thousands of films and television shows produced every year, only a handful ever mention or show periods. And when they do, they are mostly negative portrayals.
We are determined to change that.
We are commissioning three (3) short films that normalise periods. Although you will be making this on behalf of a brand, these films will be pieces of culture that positively depict the reality of periods.
Crucially, these commissions will be in the form of bursaries awarded to new and emerging filmmaking talent, judged by industry leaders.
The selected ideas will be awarded a budget of £5,000 and the chance to work with our leading creatives and producers to bring their film to the screen.
The finished films will then be entered into film festivals around the world with the support of our agency, leading global creative network BBDO, and we are currently in talks with cinema groups to place these films on the big screen!

What we’re after:
In popular culture, women are no longer just the damsel in distress or the love interest. Increasingly they are the main show. We have a female Dr Who. Katniss leads the revolution in the Hunger Games. Rey carries the hopes of the Star Wars rebellion.
And yet periods are still invisible. Women are able to be anything, and do anything. Except get their periods.
And this taboo hurts women. In a study, 56% of girls said they would rather be bullied than talk to their parents about their period. And shaming and insults are still the dominant themes around the world.
We want you to make a dent in this imbalance.
Take a look at our campaign, our hero film and other campaign elements. It has multiple scenes and each scene has a backstory or an idea. Who is the troll behind the computer voice mocking periods? What is the story of the girl in the sanitary pad Halloween costume? Who is the man buying the pads for? What would it look like if it was not just period blood that had to be blue? What happened in the boardroom meeting of the lilo company when someone suggested a sanitary pad inflatable?
We are looking for your ideas for a short film inspired by a scene in our film that portrays periods in a positive way.
Whether you develop a story around one of the scenes or characters, or are simply inspired by the ideas in the film, you should try and create a piece of culture that lives up to our belief: periods are normal, and showing them should be too.

The deadline for submitting your pitch is 23.59 on Monday 11th December 2017.

For more information, including full brief and submission form, click here.

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