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CLOSED BRIEF: Snickers Film, budget £7500

Can You Keep People In Suspense for 10 Seconds?

Make a short 'unskippable' sting for Snickers with Flare Studio...
Snickers has become one of the most famous chocolate bars in the world through its ‘You’re Not You…’ campaign showing people who are ‘off their game’ when they’re hungry and need a Snickers to bring them back to normal.
We want to continue that theme with a series of online films. The films will show highly suspenseful moments which compel the viewer to keep watching them in anticipation of the climax/ resolve. This never comes. Because the video is on a loop.
For those viewers that are caught out watching the video for a long period of time, the suggestion is that they’re easily fooled when they’re hungry.

Studio Plus Brief

Pitch for one of three 10-20" films
Budget per film: £7500
Deadline: Monday 15th May 2017

What we’re after:
We’d like to create meme-like films of high suspense moments that are crying out for a conclusion, only the conclusion never comes. The idea is that you simply can’t help watching to see what happens.
In this brief we are commissioning three (3) ideas that will similarly keep the viewer in a state of perpetual anticipation but these should be short filmed sequences.
Here is an example of the sort of thing we’re after:
It could be a diver on a diving board while people watch on about to jump but never actually does. A cake wobbling on the edge of a table about to fall off as a dog waits and waits and waits, or a man standing on a frozen lake where we’re wondering if the ice will crack. Whatever idea you film it needs to keep us in suspense!
The actual content itself need only be a few seconds long (though it can be as long as you wish) but should be loopable so it feels like a continuous sequence that might last one, five, ten minutes, or longer.
We would like you to think of ideas that you think best capture this scenario. Each should be a short sequence cut together that generates a sense of suspense.
We will then select three ideas and award the production budget to the filmmaker to shoot and deliver their selected film or sequence.

The deadline for submitting your pitch is 23:59 GMT on Monday 15th May 2017.

Once the brief has closed, we will review the pitch submissions with the brand and select three (3) to award the production budget. Those selected will be notified on Monday 22nd May 2017.
PLEASE NOTE: Once awarded the job, you will need to deliver your first edit on Monday 19th June, so please ensure you are available for the project before participating.
For more information, including the full brief, visit

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  • film
  • meme
  • Videography
  • filmmaking
  • Directing
  • Flare Studio
  • Content Creation

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