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CLOSED BRIEF: Wrigley's No Regrets

When we look back on life, it’s the things we chose not to do that we regret the most.

Wrigley's are looking for docu filmmakers to find and film stories for their new ‘No Regrets’ campaign…

5 Gum is a brand that embraces the exhilaration that comes from exploring beyond the familiar. We allface moments of choice, say “yes” to trying something new, then feel the exhilaration that comes from the new experience.
But, rather than focus on people saying “yes”, we want to tell stories around people who said “no” instead. What happens to them?
After all, when we look back on life, it’s the things we chose not to do that we regret the most.
With this insight in mind, we want to share personal stories from senior citizens who have a moment in life that they regret not saying “yes” to, and use those stories to inspire young people to live their own life with no regrets.
What we’re after:
We are after compelling stories of regret from senior citizens from around the world captured on film. We’d like to see on-camera interviews with seniors who have deeply personal, emotional stories of regret from their teen/young adult years. We don’t want their regrets to focus on moments later in life (ie. Retirement), but moments that can feel relatable to young people today.
We want the stories that will cut through the clutter and get noticed because they feel relatable, but still incredibly inspiring.
We plan to use the seniors’ regrets to inspire young people to go say “yes” in a similar moment of choice, then capture the young peoples’ moments on film so we can share it back with the senior who inspired them to try something new.
As a first step, we want to see a pitch with (one or more of) your proposed interviewees and their story of regret. This will be captured in two stages: the initial interview, then a return to film their reaction to those they inspired. Details of what you should include are outlined here.


The 5 interviews will be awarded on 14th June (subject to agency approvals) you will then need to supply your first edit on 12th July.
You will then be expected to return for the second interview to get the response from your senior on or around 28th August, and deliver a first cut by the end of that week. Please consider the timeline and availability of yourself and your interviewee before submitting your pitch.

For more information, including the full brief, visit:

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