Club 2 Club 2019

  • Riccardo Brioschi

Club To Club is one of the most renowned avant-garde and pop music festivals in Europe, based in Turin (Italy). The theme of the last edition was “La luce al buio” (Light in the dark). The European Design Institute, as Content Partner of the event, gave its contribution with the installation Pattern Generation, created by the Sound Design students in collaboration with Roland. The installation was characterized by a quadraphonic soundtrack integrated with a system of sound-reactive lights. On this occasion , the sixth issue of OVER, the magazine designed by IED Graphic Design students, was released. Below I illustrate the content strategy and production that communicate how IED, through an innovation promoting training plan, gives its students the opportunity to work at the Festival that is creating the sound of the future.

Animation graphics created by Xplosiva as a teaser to present the partnership between IED and C2C.
Photography production to present the Sound Design students team that's created the installation.
Instagram content design to launch the new issue of Over magazine.
Video production and multichannel implementation to tell the event's highlights.
Photography production to communicate the IED contribution at the event, and published live on wide range of platforms.