Club Travel: Travel Your Way

  • Nicole O'Neill

Disrupting and revitalising the travel industry. Club Travel is an award-winning travel agency with branches throughout South Africa. Given the digital landscape Club Travel operates in, we have created a mark that works on a number of levels. It suggests flight in the form of a paper plane, but can also denote direction and, crucially, can be used as the cursor icon when participants visit the Club Travel website. It moves where it pleases, reflecting the freedom of travel. Beyond the mark, based on the creative platform 'Travel Your Way', we wanted the typography, colour and tone to also create a sense of freedom and movement. This allows for a fluid system that can express the joy and personalisation of travel in a bold, hyper-modern way. The type is free to explore and show up in interesting ways, reflecting the nature of travel. It also alludes to a time when holiday communication was often bright and fun and we wanted to revive that sense of excitement and individualism.