Clubber Spotlight: Alex Radota

  • Shel Kaplan
  • Aleksandra Radota

Dazed Club member Alex Radota's captivating visual story takes on a journey through the enchanting world of snails, unveiling their remarkable adaptations and the intricate beauty of their spiral forms.

The inspiration behind the “Snails” comes from the intriguing dichotomy of discomfort and fascination that snails evoke in me. I was driven by the idea of taking inspiration from things that are unusual, strange, and transforming them into beautiful visual stories that feel almost surreal. “Snails” invites us to slow down, appreciate the elegance of little creatures, and rediscover the wonders of the natural world that often go unnoticed.
With my work and practice, I aspire to draw the viewer on a journey—to let them feel the world I’ve created. By taking inspiration from unusual things and pop culture, I craft a message, and one of the central themes I explore through my work consistently is greater representation of women.
In terms of technical aspects and processes, in my work, I value colour the most and how colour affects the general impact of a photograph. I tend to experiment a lot in post-production and always push and challenge myself and my practice.
For this project I found inspiration in nature and I wanted to incorporate it into the outcome. In particular, I did a series of floral lumen prints, and thanks to the creative help of makeup artist Saphron Morgan, we were able to transform the prints into these unreal makeup looks! I had so much fun during the process of creating this project – I was really able to just allow myself to use the unusual and otherworldly inspiration in the little things that intrigue me.
Photographer + Art Director: Alex Radota @alexradota
Makeup Artist + co-Art Director: Saphron Morgan
Stylist: Freya Thomas-Taylor @freyathomastaylor
Hairstylist: Sheree-Jourdan @x_sjourdan
Nails: Chang Wang @mollusknails
Models: Aleksandra Walentynowicz @alek_walent, Emily Yelverton @youngthugyelvers represented by Revolt Model Agency @revoltmodelagency
Styling Assistant: Abi Wood @abiwood
Styling Assistant: Louise Webber
Lighting Designer: Marianka Nadolska @mariankanadolska

Fashion: Scar Kennedy @scar_kennedy_ Madelaine White @madelainewhitestudio Balenciaga @balenciaga Freya Thomas-Taylor @freyathomastaylor Ennis Finnerty Mackay @finnertymackay Clementine Baldo @baldoclementine Louise Webber Cate Sarci @catesarci Blu Selby @bluselby


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