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New to Dazed Club, Angelina Golt recently relocated to London from Ukraine, where she grew a passion for working on film sets capturing BTS and stills, working with both film and digital photography. In this spotlight, she talks us through some of her recent favourite images that she’s taken and the story of each.

Since childhood, I adored nature as the most naive and pure form of art – the art that surrounds you. The only thing I liked as a child was climbing into a hut on a tree and writing stories about my friends in a thick leather notebook. Perhaps if I had not fallen in love with a photographer 15 years later, my path would have led me to writing or accounting. But, thanks to the chance, now my pen is a camera. I think that to this day, behind every photograph of mine there is a naive spontaneity, kindness, and desire to give life to the characters.
At the moment I am focused on working with musicians. I love music so much because it creates an entire world inside you through invisible forces. Also, after many years of working in fashion, I found another favourite genre – backstage photography, which allows you to be subtle and wait for the opportunity when you only have a moment to take a photo.

Of course, I really like working with film photography and being able to do some great pre-production work. This gives me another opportunity – not to change photos so much during the post-production stage. In exactly the same way, I like to look for new approaches to photographs, for example, I had a project where we did not take photos, but scanned people on a regular paper scanner. It was funny!
For me, this is one of my favourite photos because it shows the lead singer of the Foals, and I grew up listening to their music. For me, to meet one of my favourite bands was quite a moment. Big thanks to Tanu Muino, who was a director that invited me as a photographer on this project. I really like to use wide-angle lenses and shoot over a person's shoulder, thereby creating the impression that you are peeking and as if you are invading the moment.
Here we can see Ivan Dorn, a very popular singer in Ukraine. I was the photographer on a short film where Ivan was the main actor. I think this shot shows well what I always mean about “capture the moment”. It was taken while Ivan was simply being transported to the starting point of the frame. I really like how the film slightly blurred and added this unhealthy green colour that emphasises the slightly horr-like nature of the plot. Who are these people and where is Ivan going? Will he survive?
This shot was taken for an American singer AYOKAY. We shot a large number of scenes at once for his future album, which was dedicated to the search for a muse. I love the simplicity of this shot, which simply captures the moment of what is happening in this room. No distorting lenses, no extra angles. We just see two people who are exactly posing for us. Perhaps he had just shown her his new tracks, and minutes later the paparazzi came in to take a photo for a magazine?
This was one of those shots that totally matches your vision. I love this shot for its exaggeration of the location; there was nothing realistic left of this location after post-production. It is painted and twisted to the maximum of its real unreality. It’s almost like a painting now. I love that this photo has virtually no shadows and is shot from afar, giving the impression of a world that doesn't exist.
This shot was taken with Katya Molchanova, my favourite Ukrainian actress, in the studio of my sculptor friend. I love this shot for its use of wide-angle optics and the way it swirls the small studio space into motion, creating a slightly dreamlike feel. I love this shot for its irregularity, which only I know. After all, the guy shouldn’t have been in the frame, but I really liked how his presence added movement to the frame.
This photo is from the same series as the pool. And I like him for the same reason that he exaggerates everyday space, creating something even artificial.
On inspiration

I think that, as in childhood, so now, nature inspires me the most: I feel the greatest inspiration when I walk through a damp forest, which is full of the aromas of leaves, or breathing in full lungs of sea air, playing with the sounds of sea pebbles. At least some things remain stable through time. Also, being on a train always creates the feeling that I am at an immersive exhibition, where art changes every minute.
My story may give the impression that I am an introvert, but that is not the case. I love getting inspiration from people, who surround me: from the beauty of their actions, kindness of their hearts, smiles and warm conversations. That’s why I'm always surrounded by incredible people. On days when nature is unfortunately out of reach, I like to look at the works of Rothko, Yorgos Lanthimos and Taika Waitiit. Surprisingly, going to the market, which is full of textures and flavours, is also a complete inspiration for me.
And of course music from the likes of Massive Attack, Vangelis, ALT-J and, of course, Dua Lipa. Hahhaa


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