Clubber Spotlight: Myla Thomas

  • Shel Kaplan
  • Myla Thomas
"My creative process is deeply rooted in magical realism and fantasy literature, cinema and my own vivid dreams. These sources of inspiration constantly intertwine, allowing me to envision and produce my photographic work. I gravitate towards blues and violets; these shades capture the moods and emotions I aim to convey. I believe they evoke a sense of depth and resonate with both the celestial and the other-worldly, aligning with my artistic inclinations.

Fabrics play an integral role in my work, enhancing the depth and mood of my images. The interplay between light and shadow is equally pivotal, sculpting the scene and creating nuances that add to my images.

Photography, to me, is not just about capturing a moment; it's about narrating a story, sparking curiosity, and evoking emotion. Every image is a piece of me, a blend of artistry and personal narrative. This journey of creating and sharing has been a source of immense peace, bridging the gap between my internal world and the world around me.

My approach is meticulous and deliberate, with each image being a realization of a vision that has been intentionally brought to life. Every decision is influenced by my desire to communicate the essence of the dreams and narratives that inspire me. Through my work, I aspire to transport viewers, allowing them to connect with the world I create, and perhaps, find elements that resonate with their own imaginations."

– Dazed Club member, Myla Thomas


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