• Asta Linda Dembele
  • Henry Diagne
  • Ciara Molloy

This is the launch episode of IGTV for Condé Nast Worldwide News. This explains the concept, purpose and functionality of the service. In this video, you see who and what contributes to making this a massive contribution to not only the celebration of Condé Nast but also the perfect hub for fashion, art, technology, news and society.

In this video, we are talking about the DNA of Condé Nast Worldwide News. We are the only Condé Nast showroom in the world and we bring the significance of print magazines and the future of retail space together. We discuss the nature of physical interaction and experience with magazines that celebrate fashion, art, technology and society.
Video Featuring: Audrey Casio, Showroom Manager. @condenastworldwidenews Carole Dumoulin, Head of Archive. Wolfgang Blau, President, International and Chief Operating Officer at Condé Nast. @wblau Filmed & Edited by Henry Diagne @henrydiagne

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