Collaboration: A Creative's Best Asset?

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Collaboration is key within a creative’s tool kit of skills to have. From networking and creating ideas with other creatives we open ourselves up to new opportunities which in turn elevate our practice and understanding of creative commerce even further. As a photographer, collaborating is crucial within my practice. Working with models, stylists, and makeup artists to assist me within the creation of my imagery. Taking on board suggestions from stylists as to how they want their work portrayed, whilst also making sure to get what I am wanting from the shoot as well. Collaborating is very give and take, you must be willing to experiment with new ideas and techniques that may scare you, but by taking those risks you could create something you never would’ve thought was possible. This skill is pivotal to have as a creative, allowing you access to endless networks of people whilst also growing your understanding of how other creative mediums work, opening a whole new range of further inspirations and techniques. Through this networking and collaboration, you can start to get your work more noticed, through sharing the work you’ve made together you can access a whole new audience, growing that network even further and allowing for further commissions or projects. No matter how well known you or your practice is, collaboration will always be a key asset to your creative toolkit, every creative will always be constantly adapting and refining and in doing so having a strong network around you is really beneficial. Written By: Adam Billings Images: Adam Billings

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