Collaborators needed for theatre production!!

  • Angelika May

Hello all! I'm looking to collaborate with theatre makers for an upcoming project, I'm looking to assemble a theatre company so I'm looking for a director, producer and designers. I'm also looking for some actors, four male actors, two with a playing age of 20-25, one with a playing age of 16-18 and another with a playing age of 50-55. I'm looking for two female actors with a playing age of 25-30 and another female actor with a playing age of 50-55. I've attached some photos of the "vibe" of the play, it's called "A Murder of Crows" and it's a dark retelling of "Owl Babies" and an absurdist evaluation of motherhood and the family unit. Please drop me an email or a DM if it sounds like something you would like to be involved in! My email is