COLOMBIA - Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Fundación

  • Charlotte Doherty
  • Daniel Doherty

Working with the charity Juan Felipe Gómez Escobar foundation, better known as Juanfe, is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of children and teenage mothers in poverty conditions mainly in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. The Foundation has two strategic objectives: reducing child mortality and empowering teenage mothers in extreme poverty, through comprehensive health care, psychological therapy, and training in productive activities for their intergration into employment. We spent 2 weeks working with the girls introducing them to street art through a series of art workshops to enable them to create their very own mural. The mural is being used as part of the Lume Swimwear 2017 collection where a share of the profits will go back to the Foundation. Working in collaboration with Lume Swimwear ( and Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Fundacion (