Colourful Financial Breakdown Document John McAslan + Partners

  • gil potter

During my time at John McAslan + Partners I was asked to work on a presentation reviewing the companies financial year. These documents are very data heavy and its easy to simply put up page after page of spreadsheets. The director who requested my assistance asked if I could look into creating a more interesting and visually appealing outcome. I started by analysing the data itself, and finding the best way to represent it. The data had to be represented in two ways, an overall summary of each sectors income and then a further breakdown of the individual sectors and their expenses. Using a pie chart as a base I designed an interactive presentation, the selection of each section of the chart would take you to its sectors breakdown. I combine this with a dynamic colour palette consisting of nine colours, which dramatically changed the background of the page to make it consistently engaging. The presentation was well received and the fact that it was interactive brought a bit of brevity and engagement to the meeting that was not expected. This was a small project but went a long way to show the impact that graphics can have in an office on a smaller scale.