Commissioning Producer - BBC Radio 1- Turn It Up: A Short History Of Drum & Bass.

  • Mon Christian

In the mid-1990s, beyond the antics of the Spice Girls and Britpop, an exciting subculture was blowing up. A futuristic kind of music that melded hip hop, rave and dub seemed to appear from nowhere and was suddenly everywhere: drum'n'bass. Multicultural crowds flocked, often from small towns and sleepy suburbs, to basements in Bristol, London and Coventry to dance to this thrilling new sound. DJ Storm and her partner Kemistry emerged from the Midlands to set up, with Goldie, Metalheadz, a club and record label that stood for D&B's after-hours vibe and the huge cultural influence it went on to have. With the help of fans who were there, she tells the story of a scene that represented the UK more than any "Cool Britannia" magazine cover, that showed the way for many female DJs, that brought her unbearable tragedy as well as incredible success, and that keeps blowing up, again and again.

Commissioning Producer
This 8-part ARIAS nominated music podcast, which explores the birth of a genre defying genre, Drum & Bass.


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