Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

  • Yagmur Akpinar
In the fast-moving world of fashion and design, how do you create a brand and environment that stands above and apart? By steering clear of trends, and tapping into that timeless quality of ‘style’.

Impeccably connected and perfectly positioned in the heart of London, Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design is a new institution preparing the next generation of stars in the fashion and design industries. Working closely with the Condé Nast team, we channeled their brand values to create a sleek and stylish visual identity that was implemented across everything from their logo and stationery to ad campaigns and printed materials.

The college also needed a signage system to quietly complement the modern, minimal architecture of their new building. Our solution needed to work not only for students during the daytime, but also for industry events at night. We explored this day/night theme to create a signage family featuring a monochrome colour palette and a ‘tone on tone’ approach that plays with light and shadow.

Susie Forbes, Principal of the College, says: ‘Working with Together has been an inspiring and rewarding experience’.