This work is being presented by HOLMES PRODUCTION.
American photographer and filmmaker Alex Prager was commissioned by W Magazine to shoot a cover and story with fashion director Sara Moonves for their Cate Blanchett portfolio. Alex conceived a sci-fi idea of Cate as robot in a post-apocalyptic world of Cate robots. We worked with Alex to curate the perfect team in cinematographer Sam Goldie, production designer Arthur De Borman and stunt coordinator Zarene Dallas to bring her ideas to fruition and found the perfect location in a disused telecom building to play it out. Cate’s make-up artist Mary Greenwell worked with John Nolan, an SFX artist who we sourced and his prosthetic artist Sunita Parmar to create the robot effect in the final scene which was completed in post production by Wes Anderson’s post VFX supervisor Jeremy Dawson. We managed production from concept to completion including edit by Matt Chesse and titles by Alex’s husband Simon Dargan. Music was composed by Ali Helnwein,  a long time collaborator of Alex’s in LA.
As part of BLUE ZOO studio's culture to explore creativity and push technological advancement with craft, BLUE ZOO has created a short animated film that combines a hand made look with cutting edge real-time technology, to tell a touching story about human endurance. Here is a short teaser for a longer film to be released next year.
SHOTVIEW is pleased to present work by Caroline MACKINTOSH, a South African female artist born and raised in Cape Town. She is mostly known for her photography but also writes and performs music, as well as making visuals and films. Caroline's love for photography started at a young age, using her dad's camera she would capture her family expeditions into the African wildlife. 
This passion has grown and evolved more towards people and landscapes, she breathes creativity, travelling the world always looking for new adventures and fresh inspirations, her world shows her interest in the human form and its juxtaposition within nature. Caroline's work is an extension of herself and the way she lives. Her aesthetic shows the spontaneous need for the raw, wild and free youth while still holding a sense of honesty. In 2015 she had first solo show titled ''In the Murmur'' and in 2016 was voted by i-D Magazine as one of the top 10 female photographers empowering women through their images. 
Selected Magazines: Interview, Die Dame, i-D Germany, Vice, Bolero, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Fräulein, Oyster, Le Petit Voyeur, P Magazine, Marie Claire, Tidal, Style Magazin 
Selected Clients: Massimo Dutti, Puma, Mint & Berry, Fleurs De Paris, Maison Meso. 
This work is represented by FREEMAN & LE TOURNEAU.
It started on our doorstep in London. The police arrested 2 young men over an acid attack and we became aware that a number of them had been happening in our area and we wanted to help stop it.
Every year thousands of people are subjected to deliberate and premeditated attacks with corrosive acids. In 2017, the UK alone recorded over 900 attacks. In the EU, anyone can purchase these harmful acids without questioning.
Every year, thousands of people across the world are subjected to deliberate attacks with acids.
Campaigners believe that by regulating the sale of acids, many attacks could be easily prevented. We teamed up with the charity Acid Survivors Trust International to help #EndAcidViolence. And so we set out to spread awareness of the life altering damage that acid attacks can cause In the hope that one day soon, the law will be changed.
Activist and acid attack survivor Patricia LEFRANC was brave enough to front our video campaign for change. Using a combination of beautifully crafted shots, choreographed paint strokes and a time-lapse technique never-before-seen with painting, we captured Patrica’s emotional journey through subtly reversing the film to reveal Patrica prior to her attack.
This work is being presented by JUST SO.
Shift conversation and perception of refugees.

 Our insight: Early in 2016 we uncovered the story of Team Refugees and the athletes competing against the odds to make it to the Rio Olympics. 

What we did: As we developed relationships with the athletes, we saw an opportunity to use the story to raise awareness for refugees and create a shift in perceptions around the world from fear and pity to admiration. We partnered with UN High Commission for Refugees tying into their existing #WithRefugees campaign for maximum reach. Working the Google, we launched the campaign on the search box on the Google Homepage on the day of the Olympic opening ceremony.

Results: Team Refugees was picked up organically across global news sites, and seeded through celebrities to reach a broader public.  The campaign contributed to over 500,000 signatures on UNHCR’s #WithRefugees petition, to help surpass the petition target.
SHORTFILMS is presenting work from director Stephen MEAD.
This little light hearted film was created to show a different way of portraying women in beauty, especially hair commercials. To show the person as a real character and not a prop. To show spirit and humanity as well as vulnerability and was commissioned by Henkel in Germany as a generic template for future work.
The one minute piece represents the ethos of the director Stephen Mead and producer Holly Hartley who always have believed there is a way to add soul to advertising while still remaining aspirational.
This work is being presented by WIDEWINGS
How would the story of cooking look like, if it is created by corporate movie directors? Fresh raspberries. Golden dust. Frosted strawberries. All these details were used to express all the professional skills of kitchen chefs – Virtuvės mitų griovėjai. 


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