• Elisabeth Mayr

About Connexus is a B2B tablet application for real estate agents. It offers a paperless solution to make the process of placing a property on the market more efficient. When selling a property, one usually has to fill in a lot of forms. Apex' software solution allows for an easy data collection that inserts the content that was placed once (eg. a first name) everywhere it needs to be. It also auto-generates contracts and brochures with the data provided, reducing time for both the seller and the estate agent. Background Connexus entails several features, the one described on this screen is regarding the paperless document feature. Before I joined the project, a Freelance UI Designer was hired to create new design guidelines. The designs below are based on those guidelines. Document Feature The document feature is used to create legal documents that are required to put a property on the market. The user also has the option to create additional documents that are not required but might be requested by the seller or other interested parties.

The Process

Understanding the Complexity of Legal Documents

To get a property on the market, the seller has to provide following documents:
  • Agency Agreement
  • Money Laundering Policy
  • Inspected Not Instructed Checklist
  • Marketing Brochure

There are also several states a document can be in:
  • To be created - a document that hasn’t been converted to a PDF yet
  • Created - PDF document
  • To be signed - requires the signature of one or more people involved in the sales
  • Comparables - Documents uploaded by the user

Restructuring the Information Architecture

The original design turned out to be very confusing for the user. The user had to remember which documents are required to get a property on the market and which ones are additional work. If they were looking for a specific document, they had to look into each tab to see if it was there.
The redesigned version shows all documents on one page in their current state. It also only shows the required documents, alleviating the need for the user to remember more fields. I added a colour system to the documents, red and orange for attention needed and green for completion. Blue was also added for manually uploaded documents.

Work Flow

This workflow demonstrates the different stages a document has to go through to before it can be marked as complete.