„CONSTANTIN Prozorov: Beyond Fashion“. - Guangzhou, China Premiere

  • CONSTANTIN Prozorov

From October 1, 2021 to October 7, 2021, SENSE ART, in collaboration with CITY PARK ART SPACE, will present „Constantin Prozorov: Beyond Fashion“, the artist‘s first exhibition in China to date, a comprehensive review of the artist‘s creative career over the past years, and the opening of Constantin‘s China art tour. The exhibition features collages and installations, as well as sculptures, animated art images and stage designs. The exhibition focuses on the idea of „fashion encounters beyond time and space,“ a theme that Constantin Prozorov continues to explore in his work. The title of the exhibition „Beyond Fashion“ refers precisely to the artist‘s personal experience of being touched by some indescribable emotion, while at the same time he aspires to convey this powerful feeling to the viewer, inspiring him to consider the meaning of life and the inner workings of the soul. Constantin Prozorov is known for his collages and animations. Collage art is like Rimbaud‘s prose poems, constantly exploring, chasing, rebelling, breaking and reinventing. Poets always have a mysterious smell, and so does collage art. Constantine sees art as a container that collects the times in which it was made and passes them on to the next generation. Thus, art, architecture and design are testimonies of time. And he relies on his interpretation and understanding to bring a different charm to various international brands through collage art, connecting the past, present and future to achieve timeless poetic works. There is enough beauty in the human world, and if some heavenly fantasy is needed to make the ordinary extraordinary, then rebuild in the midst of destruction and start collaging! „The two-dimensional to three-dimensional world is not reality, but collage art.“ https://www.constantinprozorov.com/guangzhou-china

CITY PARK Space Art Museum is designed with the future ecological concept of nature-based, with greenery introduced into the interior in a circular space, and a large glass screen to close the relationship between the landscape and the interior, as if in the natural environment, giving physical and mental pleasure to the guests. The beautiful garden and the water system are naturally integrated, and it is a very beautiful art space where the mountains and water blend together.