Conto de Fada | Brand Strategy & Visual Identity

  • Soraia Soares

Brand Strategy and Visual Identity created for Conto de Fada, an online children's clothing store, which aims to make life easier for moms and provide comfort and quality to the little ones.

Conto de Fada | Kids Fashion
January 2022 | São Paulo | Brazil

Conto de Fada (Fairy Tale) is a children's fashion store that aims to wear the magic of being a child, bringing confidence and comfort to the little ones.

During the Structure Your Brand Workshop, we discovered that Conto de Fada is a brand that believes in magic, dreams and comfort, bringing a hint of nostalgia to adults who buy clothes for their little ones.

Conto de Fada came to stop the excessive glamorization of children's fashion, with the priority of giving love to the little ones through comfortable clothes, of high durability and of course, to die for.
Brand Perception, Colors & Typography

For the Visual Identity of the brand, we created a fun, cheerful, energetic and very neutral visual universe, showing that the brand is for both girls and boys.

The color palette consists of bright orange, green, aqua green, yellow and shell white. The combination of these colors convey joy, neutrality and a lot of energy.

The typography chosen is fun, very fluid and charismatic. The main font used is Delius Swash, being very round, cute and childish. The secondary font used is Varela Round, simple, rounded and easy to understand.
Concepts and Symbol Construction

The symbol was created following three concepts: - Fairy: represents the magical and dreamy side of childhood that every child should have. As it is a neutral brand, the fairy created to represent the brand was developed in an abstract way, avoiding only female associations with the brand. - Heart: The Fairy Tale is all about love, affection and a lot of respect, so the heart was chosen as one of the main concepts. - Stars: without a doubt it is an element that represents the inner glow that every child has and that they should explore for the rest of their life.

The fusion of these concepts created a unique symbol for the brand, making it stand out from all its competition.

The construction of the symbol was done through a grid, so that the symbol is symmetrical and thus conveys harmony and tranquility.