Contributing Online Fashion Editor at METAL

  • Emma Latham Phillips

During my time as contributing online fashion editor at METAL, I commissioned a range of fashion editorials. I worked with the photographers on models, stylist, creative direction and image selection. I commissioned photographers such as Molly Matalon, Eleanor Hardwick, Jack Bool, Nima Elm, Kaleb Marshall and Luca Anzalone. Each editorial challenged the norm of fashion photography.

Title: Words like Honey
Photographer: Molly Matalon
Stylist: Ashley Guerzon
Brands: Carhartt, Camper, UNIQLO, JETPACK Hom(m)e

Title: The Dull Flame of Desire
Photographer: Eleanor Hardwick
Stylist: Caitlin Moriarty

Title: Los Niños
Photographer: Luca Anzalone
Stylist: Raul Castilla