Coverage of MCM Comic Con London

  • Dimeji Akinkuolie
  • Jeanie Jean

Whilst employed by AudioBoom, I coordinated their coverage of MCM Comic Con London 2016. This included managing MCM's social media channels, spoken word audio and media outreach. In the months leading up to the event, I carried out thorough background research on the guests that would be attending the panel room discussions and press rooms. I compiled the findings of my research into briefs that I discussed with my team of broadcast journalists, ahead of them going into interviews. Closer to the event, I organised meetings with MCM's press and social media teams alongside a broadcast journalist from AudioBoom, to discuss the PR and marketing strategy ahead of the event. During MCM Comic Con I coordinated a team of student volunteers, directing them to acquire sound bites and vox pops on relevant topics. I then curated the content that they acquired, along with audio from panel discussions and press rooms, and pitched the content to relevant media outlets.

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Class Cast: "Disabled Fans Have Been Overwhelmed By Representation"

Tomska: YouTube Mirrors Traditional Media Now

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