Creating a visual language in motion to outline a key set of AI principles

Intellectual Property (IP) policy development and AI: Not-for-profit organisation, Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS), developed a set of principles which set out their position on technologies such as AI in terms that are broadly applicable and understandable. They want to ensure that discussion and policy-making around AI is not swept up in the often fantastical thinking that accompanies such ‘technological advance’ but considers instead its limitations and the potential impact on the irreplaceable value which creators, such as writers, contribute overall. To help share these principles, ALCS needed to deliver the content across all digital channels succinctly and consultatively. Our engagement encompassed development of a visual language that would represent AI and the digital sea of information it serves daily. Each principle was assigned its own unique pattern, created using a series of repeat shapes united with a carefully prepared colour palette that captured a true digital vibrance. Inclusive to our consultation, planning and project management, extent of executed work comprised conceptual design, visual development and application, illustration, storyboarding, and motion development.