Creation of a visual identity for “Culture Club” podcast

  • Claire Zaniolo

Creation of the visual identity of the Culture Club podcast for CANAL+'s music media. I had to find a visual concept that would take into account the CANAL+ Etienne Robial's universe and stand out from it to give the podcast its own style, while taking into account the atmosphere of each chapter. I wanted to highlight the strong link that connect visual arts and sound. "Each episode is set in its own universe. Each one evokes a distinct era and atmosphere. It is a question of drawing on cultural references linked to the image of the club. a pictorial, musical or architectural movement... Without necessarily being linked to the era, the chosen reference recalls the sound atmosphere and the rhythm to which the club refers. Each visual is composed of simple geometric shapes, which, once duplicated and coloured, make the identity of the episode." The episodes are available on Apple Poscast, Spotify and Deezer.