Creative Incubator 2020

  • Merce Segu

Creativity has to be a main characteristic of every leader, a key element every entrepreneur must bring to the table. We have teamed up with Pi School to crack the challenges our industry needs. Each year, the Creative Incubator travels around Europe to debate the most relevant topics in the Advertising, Design, and Marketing industries. The subject changes from one edition to another, as we carefully select the most pertinent issue of the future to address in advance.

Areas of focus
The future business models and organizations can only become sustainable and successful if they manage to serve a higher purpose, while this core value should not contradict making a profit. It must benefit not only shareholders but all stakeholders involved, including our environment and community.
As creative organizations, we all aim to identify our contribution for our clients and help them find and live their purpose-driven strategy. The Creative Incubator 2020 is looking at the role of the creative industry, concepts around collaboration, cooperation, and the impact creativity can have on the implementation of conscious business culture. Only in this way creative organizations are able to function as a core growth engine for the business of their clients and their own.

Who fits the profile? Applicants from any department of a creative organization, creatives from other types of organizations, and freelancers. Professionals involved with transformation, consultative creative solutions, and technology integration, within the Communication and Advertising Industry.

Module I: Vienna (5-7 March)
Module II: Rome (4-6 June)
Module III: Lisbon (10-12 September)

Cost per module
There are 30 grants available for each module, covering more than 80% of the cost (€ 550 instead of € 2,750). On top of that, ADCE members get a 10% discount (€ 495 instead of € 550).
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