Creatives Discuss Depression

  • Georgina Johnson
  • Abondance Matanda
  • Shanice Bryce

We took a moment to sit down with some of the creatives in our growing network to talk mental health and depression. This film survey's the varied and diverse independent experiences of individuals struggling with currently, or that have previously battled with the illness. Negative Mental Health is barrier many young people are facing. The lack of transparency, open conversation and the shadow stigma still casts over the subject cause many to retreat into themselves instead of sharing what they are going through. We want to change that. Nope they aren't influencers but you can bet they are impacting culture in a real way. Creatives Featured: Nathaniel Cole - @nathanielacole / @swimdemcrew Gervais Beecham - @gerv_uzi Shanice Bryce - @shanicelvb / @oomsupperclub Abondance Matanda - @abondance_ Owen Nganga - @OwenNganga