Culture Shift: A Practical Guide to Managing Organizational Culture

    Too often, too many businesses see culture change as a project with a defined end point – once the project is considered 'done', the dominant culture re-emerges and things go back to how they were. Founded on behavioural economics, Culture Shift recognises that people do not always make average assumptions or follow rational logic. Changing a culture, therefore, is not about telling people what to do and expecting them to fall neatly in line – it's about identifying where they are now and how they make decisions, in order to help them form new habits to create a sustainable culture shift, from the very top of the organization's workforce to the bottom. “One person's logic is not another's – a key premise of this accessible book that unpicks why you can't simply announce the culture you want, and expect to create it. It takes time, effort, balance and a healthy dose of pigheadedness. Wonderful, original stuff.” – Charlie Hodgson, Team and Leadership Coach Out now. Save 30% off when you buy it from

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