• Sarah Murphy

A new kind of interaction, the kind of interaction where the natural Irish bog landscape radiates tranquility and beauty. This range of naturally sourced skin care products is a way of keeping a piece of the black desert alive now that the commercial role of bogs is coming to an end. Cutaway is deeply inspired by the future of Irish bogs whilst celebrating the historic and cultural values of the land. The healthier the bog becomes the more it provides our world with environmental benefits. The products are created using naturally sourced components of Irish Peatlands such as peat water, heather, gorse and pine. The turf shaped soap bar is divided into the three parts, these parts are the staple pieces needed in a healthy skincare routine, specifically aimed at the Irish climates impact on the skin. Cutaway is not only designed to care for our skin but longs to protect our planet, our communities and most importantly strive to leave Irish bogs in a better state than the way we find them. Cutaway is bringing the story of Irish bogs to life.