Cyanotype Blueprint Posters

  • Rahul Islam

These posters were part of a larger group project based on the idea of building modular homes for the homeless. My task in the group was to design CAD prototypes of a potential modular home. From the CAD models, I produced a set of blueprints which were then printed using a cyanotype printing process.

Similar to traditional film photography I created negatives by printing my designs onto acetate, these negatives were later used to expose my designs onto a coated substrate.
I coated an A1 sheet of Fabriano 50% Cotten paper with a cyanotype solution consisting of a mix of Ammonium Citrate, Water and Potassium, once dried in a darkroom the acetate negative was placed on top and exposed using a lightbox.
Once exposed, the paper is taken into a shower, the water removes any unexposed chemicals. Once it is placed to dry the oxidation process brings out vivid blue colour.