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This Project was an entry for D&AD / Google fonts competition. The brief challenged me to use a Google font with lyrics from a song, genre or musical movement to represent a cause.
The cause I selected to represent was Climate Change taking inspiration from the moving You Me At Six song Our House (the mess we made) that referred to the Bush Fires spreading across Australia late in 2019.
"Typography can express rhythm, culture, local aesthetics, traditions, humour, quirks, places and people, in any language. Utilise these benefits to highlight a cause of the present using the music of an artist"
- The lyric I felt was the most powerful and thought provoking was the main lyric - "Our House is On Fire"
My understanding was, if the houses we lived in were on fire we would rush to put the fire out so why is that not the case when it comes to our planet?

The Google font I selected was Libre Barcode 128 Text  designed by Lasse Fister. I felt the font could help add a deeper meaning to the poster. "think about how type could creativity represent your music or the message" the brief suggests.
For me the Barcode was a visual representation of Consumerism and its effects on Climate Change as a whole.

Consumerism is much higher in rich countries and those with the highest rates of consumerism had up to 5.5 times the environmental impact as the world average.
The U.S reporting to have had the highest per capita emissions with 18.6 tonnes CO2 equivalent (“CO2 equivalent” is a metric that rolls multiple types greenhouse gas emissions into one). Luxembourg had 18.5 tonnes, and Australia came in third with 17.7 tonnes. The world average, for comparison, was 3.4 tonnes, and China had just 1.8 tonnes. [Jacobs, 2016]

CO2 emissions are one of the main manmade causes for climate change created through burning of fossils fuels that power vehicles, factories, and homes. With the fashion Industry causing upwards of 1.5 billion tonnes in carbon emissions. In short reducing the use and over consumption of the planets natural resources will generate less emissions - slowing down climate change.
Lastly the visuals for the designs were based on NASA's simulation of Carbon Dioxides flow around Earth through their heat maps.

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